» Can an Introvert be a successful Photographer?

Can an Introvert be a successful Photographer?

As I grew up one thing that stuck in my mind was that I always find it difficult to start up a conversation and engage in “chit chat” with people. I never know where to start, I never know what to say to people. This was backed up with family telling me I was painfully shy, and everything linked together to point in this direction.

Introverted people are not necessarily shy, but find it hard work and draining when in social situations and need alone time to recharge. Conversely extroverts find it rejuvenating being around people and get drained when alone. Introverts like probing conversations rather than chitchat, and social lives are geared more towards intimate one-on-one interactions rather than “more the merrier” approach to friendships.

The above paragraph is taken from a bit of research that I’ve taken from the internet. Looking up “Introvert” was really illuminating, I’ve always latched onto the fact that I’m shy, but now more than readily agree that I’m Introvert – if I walk into a room of people that I don’t know, or hardly know you will find me on the outside, by a wall or in the corner checking my photography kit or looking at my phone until “what ever the even is” starts as I’m never good with chit chat. Once I get to know people in a group I’m fine but do find I tend to “Latch onto them” a bit. So for me I think I am a Shy Introvert.

So how can this go hand in hand with the photography business? Well, there are many forms of photography, I love going for a walk around any area (city or countryside) and taking pics of what every takes my fancy and I’m in the process of building up shots of places I’ve been to put together a calendar for next year. However, i’m also falling in love with photographing people. I’m building up the an arsenal of gear, and think I’m developing a style I like. But I’m not getting any further than shooting friends and family, I don’t know how I would get a couple laughing and joking and at ease in front of the camera? A couple of friends of mine got married last year and had a photographer for their “do”. After a few months I suggested having a dummy photo shoot with them, then I can try it out as they knew what to expected and how a shoot was run. They were having a weekend away at the same hotel they got married at (so I knew it well), so it was agreed that I would meet them there. I spoke to a few people online and from Welshot Images, they gave me some great advice and I armed myself with a few locations I wanted to shoot at, and the poses I was going to use. I found the shoot really useful, and I think I learned a lot from it technically wise.

Afterwards, my friends asked me how I enjoyed it as I looked petrified to start with. At the start I was definitely unsure what I was doing, but once I got into it I began to relax, but I’’m sure if I hadn’t know them it wouldn’t have done that way!! I have made a New Years resolution that I’m going to start making money from my photography this year. Either I need to find a way to interact more with people to allow them to relax with me for photo shoots, or try and make money some other way.

So, are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? Which genre of photography is your business? And, most importantly what coping mechanism can I employ to interact with my clients, help them relax and photograph the real them???

Love to hear back from you, please leave me your comments below 🙂
Bye for now!!

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